Under The Skin: The Art of Peter Zokosky

Produced and Directed by Steve & Ann Dunsky
Cottage Films: All Rights Reserved

This evocative documentary reveals the creative process of southern California painter and sculptor Peter Zokosky. Interviews with the artist offer insights while over 100 of his works are presented. Connoisseurs and critics explore the compelling nature and unique themes in Zokosky’s art.

“By paying as much attention to the unseen as to the seen, Zokosky sharpens our awareness of the layered quality of life, and the multiple readings possible of any subject or situation.”
Leah Ollman
Los Angeles Times

“Zokosky mounts a gentle invasion of our psyches and plants a bomb upon arrival.”
John Gunnin
Juxtapoz Magazine

“Zokosky applies curious wonderment to the world, and shows us how the simplest–and strangest–things can be made familiar.”
Mark Johnstone
Contemporary Art in Southern California